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These rearsets have been exclusively designed by Dave Stephenson and myself for street and/or track use. Dave has worked as a Race Technician for Honda Britain and many top riders including Sean Emmett, Nick Jefferies, and for the last four years Phillip McCallen.

Dave used the same materials and even incorporated many of the same components used on his racing rearsets. His rearsets have been used by Phillip McCallen and many other top riders on the track for over three years. They have stood up to the World's Toughest Testing Ground - The Isle of Man T.T. Course. You can be confident in the quality and durability.

If you are bent on destruction (hey things happen), you don't have to worry. Dave keeps spares in stock. Individual parts are available and can be shipped within 24 hours.

Here are some of the unique features:

Sorry, these are no longer available from Dave Stephenson.

Note: I do not have any financial stake in these rearsets. I bought mine just like you will have to buy yours. My involvement was simply to find a reputable firm to manufacture a quality rearset for the Hawk/BROS and do it at a fair cost. This wasn't easy to do and is only possible with the support of other Hawk/BROS owners. Nobody is going to CNC just two or three sets - it's just not cost effective. I think that Dave has done an excellent job in providing these rearsets at this cost and I don't think that you will find better for less.


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