Hawk GT / VFR Rear Wheel Conversion


Having received many emails asking for advice on the installation of a VFR wheel to a Hawk I have decided to add this page. I offer the following from my experience in making this modification to my own bike. A word of caution though: whenever making any modifications to your bike do so within your mechanical abilities and under the supervision of a qualified motorcycle mechanic. I will not be responsible.

Modified Spindle Fitting the VFR wheel to a Hawk is no big deal... really. You'll need to remove the spindle from your bike and remove the four drive pin/bolts that are used to locate the Hawk wheel on the spindle. The holes that the drive pins came out of will need to be enlarged to accept the threaded wheel studs used to mount the VFR wheel. The next thing that needs to be done can be done in several different ways. The way that I decided to do it was to take the spindle and the VFR wheel to a machine shop and have them shorten and then "turn down" the center portion of the spindle on the wheel side so that it fits into the VFR wheel. A second alternative would be to cut the center section off the Hawk spindle making it similar to a VFR spindle. My least favorite, but I have seen it done, is to have the VFR wheel "machined through" so that the center of the Hawk spindle sticks through the VFR wheel. Once you complete whichever route you decide to take with your bike, press in the threaded wheel studs and replace your spindle.

A few additional notes: I am using a 5.5 inch width wheel with a 170/60 tire. I have polished my swingarm which possibly gives me a little more clearance and am using a Ducati 916 chain guard without any problems. Other combinations may require additional modifications.

If you decide to mount a VFR wheel to your Hawk, please e-mail me and let me know if this information was of any help to you.

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