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This is the MHP exhaust system for the Hawk GT/BROS. Having worked closely with Mark Hill at MHP to make this stainless steel system a reality, I'm pleased to announce this handmade system is finally available. The system is based on a proven design very similar to the D&D, TBR, and MVR systems with several improvements brought about by Mark's attention to detail.

Prices including VAT are as follows -

You can check for the current exchange rate here.

For further information e-mail Mark Hill at or contact him at -

Unit 2, Moore Place
Oldhouse Lane
Bisley, Surrey
GU24 9DB

UK Phone +44 (0)1483 473473

Note: I do not have any financial interest in this exhaust system. I bought mine just like you will have to buy yours. My involvement was simply to find a reputable firm to manufacture a quality stainless steel exhaust system for the Hawk GT and BROS motorcycles. This wasn't easy to do and was only possible with the support of other Hawk/BROS owners. Let's face it, nobody's going to jig up to make one or two exhaust systems - it's just not cost effective. Mark has put a lot of work into these handmade pipes and you'd be hard pressed to find a system of better quality.


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