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PB Hawk GT Cover
This is the cover shot of the January 1993 Performance Bikes magazine. Inside this issue there was a five page article about the 650 Bros by Kevin Raymond where he refers to it as "the best road bike in the whole world". Back issues are available from Performance Bikes for £2.50 U.K. and £3.50 foreign orders, payable by Euro Cheque, Sterling Bank Draft or International Money Order and sent to - PB Back Issues, Bushfield House, Orton Centre, Peterborough, PE2 5UW. Performance Bikes have also done a couple of other Hawk/Bros articles, they even put a pic of my bike in the Feb '93 issue, and they have mentioned the possibility of doing another one in the future... We'll see.
697 Bros 697 Bros

In the May '97 issue PB has once again devoted five pages to to the NT650. This time Trevor Franklin reviewed Carbontek's trick 697.2cc, 68.1bhp Bros. Very nice. Pick up a copy of Performance Bikes and check out.

PERFORMANCE BIKES isn't the only publication who still pays attention to the NT650. This was the cover of Britain's MOTOR CYCLE NEWS BIKEMART for several issues.
123K JPG

GreyBike Cover Feb '99
GreyBike is another publication that recognizes how good the Hawk GT/BROS motorcycles are. The cover of their very first issue was a BROS and the Feb/Mar '99 issue (left) again sported a BROS on the cover. Inside the February '99 issue are two different BROS articles. If you'd like a copy, back issues can be obtained by sending £3.50 U.K. (£4.00 overseas and Eire), payable to "GREYBIKE" to Back Issues, PO Box 28, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 2FG, UK. Unfortunately, I don't think the first issue is available any more, but you shouldn't have any trouble getting the Feb/Mar '99 issue.
139K JPG
Broston Strangler Broston Strangler Broston Strangler
188K JPG
Chain Gang Chain Gang

Ride magazine has noted the outstanding qualities of the Hawk GT/BROS numerous times. In the September '97 issue they chose the 400 BROS as their "RiDE BEST BUY" for £2500 Town Bike. Back issues of RiDE can be ordered via PO Box 136, Peterborough, PE4 5BH for £3 per issue.

STREETFIGHTERS magazine which is normally filled with re-framed GSXR1100 propelled bikes has even featured a BROS. O.K., it may not have been a 400cc or a 650cc powered NT, but Paul Tothill's XRV750 driven BROS was in the December '97 issue. Send £3.50 U.K. or £4.00 overseas to STREETFIGHTERS BACK ISSUES, PO Box 28, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA14 2FG, England to obtain a copy.
Streetfighters Streetfighters Streetfighters
You can view more pictures of Paul's bike on page 6.

Here's another top motorcycle magazine that recognizes a good thing - Bike. In the December 1999 issue you'll find a five page spread on Kev Raymond's six year project bike affectionately named "Colin". Colin??? I'm sure this article is enough to send most of you Hawk / BROS owners out to find a copy of this issue of Bike, but I just want to add this is a really good issue. World Champion Carl Fogarty is the guest editor and his dominant WSB Ducati 996 and personal road bike (a Ducati Monster) are featured. If you don't have a subscription to Bike or you miss your chance to pick up this issue at the newsagent, don't worry. You can order back issues by ringing UK 01858 438821 Monday to Friday 08.00-21.30, Saturday 08.00-16.00 or Sunday 10.00-16.00.
More pictures of Kev's bike can be seen on page 6.

Top 25
In their December 1999 issue, Rider magazine in the States picked the Hawk GT as one of the most significant street motorcycles of the past 25 years. Pretty cool when you consider the competition! Back issues ($5) and article reprints ($3) are available from Ian Smith Information, P.O. Box 9440, Denver, Colorado 80209 or call US (303) 777-3560.

BROSes in Japanese Magazine
189K JPG
This article was sent to me by Chia who found it in a magazine while visiting Japan. Unfortunately, no other information was available. If someone can either translate this article or provide any information about these two BROSes or the magazine they appeared in I will gladly post it here. For now you'll just have to enjoy the pictures.

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